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The still room story

Historically, a still room was a small room off of the kitchen of a home. It was where the woman of the home made herbal remedies and essential oils, distilled and fermented food, and stored herbs for cooking and medicinal needs. These techniques were passed down through the generations. However, these traditions were left behind due to the ease and convenience of medicine and food we have now.

The mention of a still room today is likely to evoke a place where one can go to for a sense of calm and peace. A place to restore after upholding a busy life.

My Still Room brings together these two concepts. It is a place to share my knowledge of herbal remedies, holistic treatments and ways to embrace inner stillness. I hope that by coming to The Still Room, together we can bring back these old practices with a modern spin for everyone to embrace these traditions and AWAKEN INNER STILLNESS.  

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The Still Room offers both Workshop and ongoing events. Take a look at our calendar and we look forward to having you with us.

*If you have a workshop or Stillness event you would like to host at The Still Room, please get in touch to share your knowledge with our community.

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